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Episode 100: How to Lose 6 Figures the Easy Way

The recent SolarWinds attack was incredibly sophisticated. What happens when that level of sophistication targets a homebuyer during one of the largest transactions of their lifetime? On this episode, we tell the story of an extremely difficult-to-detect spearphishing attack that almost cost a homebuyer a significant amount. We review the warning signs seen in this …Read More


Hubstaff Employee Productivity Tracker Overview and Review

You may not want to be a micro-manager or a helicopter boss, but when it comes to running a team, you have to have some control over when and how they work. Time tracking software helps supervisors and accounting departments know exactly how much work is getting done and what needs to be paid for …


New! Furniture Skin for Furniture eCommerce Shops

We are excited to start the new year by introducing a new Ultra skin that any online furniture store and interior design store needs. Create the finest online storefront for your furniture products and launch it in a snap — all made easy with the new furniture skin. The skin is available in Ultra, Shoppe …


Your Freelance Contract Template: 8 Elements You Must Include in 2021

When you’re starting out as a freelancer, your agreements are often informal, conducted in the body of an email. These can still result in good work, but without a contract, you’re vulnerable to issues of non-payment, scope creep, and copyright disputes. Taking a few hours to create a freelance contract template of your own can save you an expensive legal headache down the line.


How to Organize and Host a Great Meetup

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re involved in a local meetup. Maybe even a few meetups? Do you love it? Has it provided such a benefit to your life that you now have the desire to start your own meetup community? If so, we’re here to help! The idea can be daunting if you’ve …


WCML 4.11 – extended support for WooCommerce REST API

Today, we released WooCommerce Multilingual 4.11. This includes extended support for the REST API to help developers offer a multilingual WooCommerce experience in their plugins, sites and applications. With WCML 4.11, developers can now create, read, and update WooCommerce data using requests in JSON format. Developers can leverage these features by using WordPress REST API …


How to Trigger Image Transitions with Divi’s Sticky Options

The versatility of Divi’s sticky options goes further than just using the settings for a sticky header. You can use it to trigger changes in your design as well. In this tutorial, for instance, we’ll use Divi’s sticky options to trigger image transition. The image transitions take place as soon as visitors are nearing the …


Multiple Vulnerabilities Patched in Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle Plugin

On November 19, 2020, our Threat Intelligence team responsibly disclosed two vulnerabilities in Orbit Fox by ThemeIsle, a WordPress plugin used by over 400,000 sites. One of these flaws made it possible for attackers with contributor level access or above to escalate their privileges to those of an administrator and potentially take over a WordPress …Read More


Multilingual WordPress Sites in 2021

Last year was pretty difficult, but the new “work from home” and “stay at home” norms increased the need for websites. With it, the need for multilingual sites has grown as well. Building, translating and running sites gets simpler In 2020, we saw a big rush to building WordPress sites. Businesses who went into the …


The Best Code Snippet Plugins for WordPress

There’s a running joke among programmers that software development is 10-20% knowing how to code and 80-90% knowing how to search the internet for an answer or code snippet. Thankfully, lots of people post those code snippets on their websites for others to use and modify. If you’re one of the helpful coders who figures …


How to create and translate templates for custom post types

In this tutorial, we show how to create templates for custom posts types in multilingual sites. We’ll design the template visually and use WPML to translate it. Today, WordPress’s default editor is the Block Editor (aka Gutenberg). It’s a visual editor that’s become a reliable and mature tool. We’ll use it to design our templates, …


Get a FREE Family Doctor Layout Pack for Divi

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away a brand new, free Divi Layout Pack from our design team to you. For this week, Kenny and his team have created a brand new Family Doctor Layout Pack. Each layout is …


Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth the Cost?

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the most popular hosting options for WordPress websites. One downside is that it’s more expensive than non-managed hosting. This raises the question: is managed WordPress hosting really worth the cost? In this article, we’ll answer that question and provide a few options to consider. What is Managed WordPress Hosting? …