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BuddyPress 8.0.0-beta2

Hello BuddyPress contributors! If you haven’t tested our first 8.0.0 beta release, here’s another opportunity to help us give the final touches to our next major release so that we make sure it will fit perfectly into your WordPress / BuddyPress specific configuration. Beta testing is very important and we need you all, whether you’re …


8 Best WordPress Live Streaming Plugins and Software

Live streaming has become more popular than ever. Many social platforms allow for live streaming, but it’s also possible to live stream from your WordPress website. It sounds complicated, but it’s easier than most realize. In this article, we’ll look at the best WordPress live streaming plugins and software to help you get started. Why …


Dropping support for Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) was released over 7 years ago and is currently used by less than 1% of all users on the Internet with usage rapidly declining. A large majority of popular websites have already stopped supporting IE11 (including Microsoft Teams in 2020), and even the Microsoft 365 apps and services will be dropping …


How to Create a Static Homepage on a WordPress Website

As the first thing most visitors see, your homepage is one of the most important pages on your website. If your WordPress-set homepage doesn’t look the way you think it should==like matching your brand’s style and catering to your audience’s preferences–or it’s not displaying content correctly (or the correct content), it’s time for a refresher. …


10 of the Most Popular WordPress Plugins for 2021

WordPress is the perfect platform for creating just about any type of website. It’s beginner-friendly and very flexible. However, there are certain things it isn’t intended to do by default, so you may find yourself looking for a way to add specific features. Fortunately, the larger WordPress community has created a solution in the form …


Over 600,000 Sites Impacted by WP Statistics Patch

On March 13, 2021, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated responsible disclosure for a vulnerability in WP Statistics, a plugin installed on over 600,000 WordPress sites. The vulnerability allowed any site visitor to extract sensitive information from a site’s database via Time-Based Blind SQL Injection. We received a response to our initial disclosure the same …Read More


11 Best Ajax Category Filter WordPress Plugins

Categories are integral to WordPress blogs. Organizing your content so readers can easily find the posts they’re most interested in elevates your site’s User Experience (UX). However, as your site grows, you may find that an Ajax category filter WordPress plugin is necessary for managing your expanding library of posts. Although WordPress provides a robust …


Get a FREE Virtual Conference Layout Pack for Divi

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away a brand new, free Divi Layout Pack from our design team to you. For this week, our design team has created a brand new Virtual Conference Layout Pack. This timely layout pack …


10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins (Free & Premium)

Today, most consumers turn to the web to find businesses, products, and services. However, to assist with their buying decisions, research has found that shoppers tend to heavily rely on the reviews, feedback, and opinions of other people. This is why showcasing customer testimonials on your site is so important. In this post, we’ll introduce …


6 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins

If you’re a realtor, you need a website that can show off your listings in all their glory. On the other hand, if you’re a web developer who works with realtors or agencies, you’ll have to understand how to implement real estate features in websites for your clients. Either scenario is one you can solve …


8 Best WordPress Rating & Review Plugins

Reviews are a key component of the online shopping experience. 91 percent of younger consumers (18-34 years old) trust reviews as much as direct recommendations. What’s more, 93 percent of buyers admit that reviews influence their purchasing decisions. If you run an online store, enabling customers to post reviews can help you drive even more …


Podcast 117: Cyber Attack on Colonial Pipeline Affects Fuel Availability in 17 States

A ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline affected fuel availability in 17 southeastern US states, and Bloomberg reported that Colonial Pipeline paid $5 million to DarkSide, a Russian ransomware service provider. The Biden Administration issued an executive order to increase US cybersecurity defenses. WordPress 5.7.2 was released to patch a critical object injection vulnerability in PHPMailer. …Read More


How to Create and Translate Custom Post Types

If you are running a multilingual website, you can use WPML to easily translate your custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. What are Custom Post Types Posts and Pages are examples of standard post types built into WordPress. A custom post type is similar to these, but it can be named anything you want. This makes it …


How to Install a WordPress Theme (3 Methods)

At the base of the WordPress system is the theme. Themes not only provide the visual design for a WordPress site, but also much of the base functionality and utility. Fresh installations of WordPress come with a default theme named after the current year, and these default themes provide a decent amount of customization and …