Webb Stratege

With Themify I can start from a blank page and build the idea I have in mind. Be creative. Express my desires and thoughts. Thanks for this great theme.

Achter De Wisch

It has never been so easy and of high quality to get his thoughts online. This is made possible by Themify and the extensive features.

Black Bikes Motorcycles

Black Bikes Motorcycles is a small motorcycle factory that belongs to Harley-Davidson Custom Bikes. With the relaunch in 2021, the website has a modern and cleaner design. The main goal was to optimize the performance with currently 92 points at PageSpeed Insights. Many thanks to Themify V5 update!

New Gadgets Skin for Online Gadgets and Tech Stores

In this modern age, people are very dependent on tech products and gadgets, as well as, the ease of being able to purchase them online. That is why we are so excited to introduce the new Gadgets skin to help build your eCommerce site. Whether you are selling electronic devices, gadgets, smart technology, smartphones, or …

Angel Dental Practice

Themify allows me to build websites that tell a story and come with an excellent user experience. I do say that my investment in the lifetime package has set me up to make almost 100% profit on all my website design projects. This client was so excited that they offered me a retainer to hang …

Infinix Media

Blazing Fast theme, High Google PageSpeed Score (>90), easily customizeable, price, support, etc. I can’t think of any other reason to not switching to Themify Ultra. As a Web Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting Provider, we’re proud to recommend Themify, especially Themify Ultra to our Client. Bravo Themify Teams!

DOB Skateshop

Themify is always my favorite tool and theme since I started WordPress development. Its drag and drop feature and wide collection of plugins and addons has made the process way easier to develop a WordPress site.

Talent Heroes

I’ve had two clients already this year using ULTRA say they cannot get over how easy it is for the end user. One client was making duplicate pages for a campaign they are running and the export/import page function blew him away. They are really impressed with the software – please pass that onto the …