Nominis ep.11: Alan Babin

Sport Vision’s Alan Babin, the leader of the eCommerce department for Croatia, shared his business insights with Nominis. As a matter of fact, his new title is Head of eCommerce digital business development. Alan Babin has also now achieved the status of a proud leader of Buzz and And tells all about it in ep.11!

What to do after being named the best WooCommerce agency in the world? Organize the 1st Croatian WooCommerce Meetup!

Show offing is not always a good idea, but five months ago we were rightfully awarded the title of the best agency in the world for developing WordPress eCommerce solutions, and we are still very proud of our team achievement. Since stopping preaching about WooCommerce is not a solution for us, we decided to combine our knowledge and experience from other experts in the development of eCommerce solutions, and organize the first Croatian WooCommerce Zoom Meetup.

Nominis ep.06: Nebojša Grbačić

Want to meet a person who stands behind the Nominis name?
From to Copyraonica and the CVOKE agency, Nebojša Grbačić has built his career on words. In the new Nominis episode, he dives deep into what good copy can actually achieve!

Help Association IKS, who has lost its working space in the devastating earthquake

Just a week ago, a devastating 6,4 earthquake struck Croatia and left thousands of families homeless. We will rebuild what is materially lost, but Croatia will have a challenging time remaking the social structure, economy and emotional well being of the affected – especially for Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and nearby villages which were neglected by our government(s) for more than 25 years.

VeeMee promo video [case breakdown]

VeeMee has been our client for quite some time now. Back in 2017 we recognized the value of their philosophy and decided to back up this startup with building their web platform and supporting their rising ground. Fast forward to 2020 – VeeMee grew into a respectable digital traceability platform in the agricultural and commercial sector where consumers can find out all about the origin of the products they buy.

Lens curator S05E09

The ninth edition of Lens Curator’s fifth season brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. This month we take a look at manual focus, image stabilization, cuts as vfx, portrait retouching and ‘three color rule’

Do you need quick & condensed information? Utilize dashboards!

Information overload is a common thing in the modern world. Data is all around us. Computers, mobile phones and all the other electronic devices are constantly feeding us with facts. If we’re bad at filtering and even blocking information, infobesity can be a real thing. One of the solutions is a digital assistant to help us filter and organize all of the data, and that is the dashboard.