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Exploring How to Create and Animate CSS Shapes in Divi

Creating shapes using CSS in web design is not a new concept by any means. In fact, the classic method of creating CSS shapes has been largely overshadowed by other HTML graphic solutions like Canvas and SVG. However, CSS shapes (at least the basic ones) are much easier to create and can still play a …


How to optimize your homepage

Does homepage SEO exist? We asked ourselves that in our post on homepage SEO. However, a lot of the people still feel that a homepage should be optimized for a keyword. Perhaps optimizing your homepage for search engines works for some of you, but ranking in Google should definitely not be the only purpose of your homepage! …


BMW blockchainom rješava veliki problem

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, ili MOBI, neprofitni konzorcij vodećih svjetskih proizvođača vozila, uključujući i BMW, pokrenuo je inicijativu za borbu protiv prijevara na tržištu rabljenih automobila pomoću blockchain “rodnih listova”. Blockchain je spas za tržište rabljenih automobila Inicijativa će koristiti blockchain za praćenje povijesti registracije i održavanja vozila koristeći drugi MOBI-jev standard za identifikaciju vozila,
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In my recent “Custom Properties as State” post, one of the things I mentioned was that theoretically, UI libraries, like React and Vue, could automatically map the state they manage over to CSS Custom Properties so we could use that state right there if we wanted. Someone should make a useStateWithCustomProperties hook or something to do that. #freeidea Andrew …


Announcing Free Site Cleaning & Site Security Audits for K-12 Public Schools

Wordfence, the leading provider of WordPress security software and services, is announcing today that we are, effective immediately, offering free site cleaning and site security audit services to K-12 public schools in the United States who use WordPress as their content management system. Whether a site is infected with malware, or you are looking for …Read More