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Does readability rank? On ease of reading and SEO

Is it worth your while making your text easy to read? Will it lead to higher rankings and more traffic? In simpler terms: Does readability rank? At Yoast, we’re convinced that writing in plain and understandable language can and will get you more visitors. We’ve even developed a tool to help people write readable text. …


Yoast SEO 17.2: Readability helps your audience understand

Did you know there are millions and millions of people with trouble reading? Did you know most people would probably read something that doesn’t strain their brain? The readability of content is an important factor for the success of that content. Yoast SEO comes with several tools that will help you improve readability. Plus, in …


An Event Apart Full Summit! (Use Coupon AEACSST21)

The web’s premier conference is online this fall, October 11–13, 2021: An Event Apart Full Summit. If you already know how good of a conference this is (i.e. that some of the web’s biggest ideas debut at AEA) then just go buy tickets and please enjoy yourself. You can buy literally any combination of the …


How Four Generations Embraced & Led A New Digital Normal

AUSTIN, Texas — Sept. 20, 2021 — The fourth annual, international study of Gen Z, conducted by The Center for Generational Kinetics and commissioned by WP Engine, reveals new data on how Generation Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers adapted to digital in their own unique ways during the COVID-19 lockdowns. These ties to…


How to do keyword research for YouTube

Keyword research for YouTube SEO is a very different process than keyword research for Google and Bing. However, too often marketers take the research they’ve done for Google and apply the learnings directly to YouTube. This never quite works, because the things people search for on YouTube differs greatly from the kind of things they …


Ethereum ekosustav na Optimismu samo jednim klikom?

Prema blog postu koji je Optimism objavio 18. rujna, tim predviđa da će se nativni protokoli na Ethereumu moći pokrenuti na njihovoj mreži jednim klikom do kraja listopada. “Svi protokoli koji se mogu pokrenuti na Ethereumu izvodit će se identično na Optimism Ethereumu”, istaknuto je u postu. Hoće li zbog ovoga Optimism postati najkorišteniji Ethereum
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Embracing Asymmetrical Design

I’ll never forget one of Karen McGrane’s great lessons to the world: truncation is not a content strategy. The idea is that just clipping off text programmatically is a sledgehammer, and avoids the kind of real thinking and planning that makes for good experiences.



It’s not every day you see a new processor for building websites that reinvents the syntax for HTML and CSS and JavaScript. That’s what imba is doing.


Pros And Cons Of Neutering A Labrador

In this article we present all the scientific research on the pros and cons of neutering a Labrador, to help you make the right choice for your boy. Neutering your male dog is a very personal decision. Whilst there are only two options in the end – do it or don’t do it – the …


Exploring the CSS Paint API: Polygon Border

Nowadays, creating complex shapes is an easy task using clip-path, but adding a border to the shapes is always a pain. There is no robust CSS solution and we always need to produce specific “hacky” code for each particular case. In this article, I will show you how to solve this problem using the CSS …


How to Use the WordPress Quote Block

The WordPress Quote Block presents an easy way to display a quote from an external source. It displays the text with a quotation mark and includes a caption to add a citation. It’s a simple block but using it within your content can draw the reader’s attention and add some emphasis to your text. In …


How to Use the WordPress Archives Block

Navigating a blog can get tricky as its content library grows. Some visitors may want to dig deep into your posts archive, but they may feel discouraged by a poorly organized website. That’s why the Archives block enables visitors to easily navigate your catalog according to each article’s publication month. In this article, we’ll show you …