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How to Translate Your Divi Website with Weglot

Translating your website can be a massive undertaking. Even with the help of a WordPress translation plugin, it’s often hard to ensure that you’ve covered all your bases. Fortunately, using Weglot and Divi enables you to see your translations as you complete them, so you’ll feel confident that every text string is available in your …


Divi Meetup Network Community Update: February 2021

Welcome to another Divi Community Update, fam! Just like that, February came and went. I mean, it is the shortest month of the year. 😜 One of my favorite parts about February is the theme of Love. 💝 I know. 😅 But clichés and consumerism aside, what an amazing theme to celebrate! Not romantic love, …


WordFence Security Plugin Overview & Review

If you’re a WordPress user then site security should be at the top of your priority list. As the most popular CMS on the planet, it has more than its fair share of hackers, bots, and bad actors with WordPress websites in their crosshairs. You don’t want malware to creep onto your site, nor do …


An Interactive Guide to CSS Transitions

A wonderful post by Josh that both introduces CSS transitions and covers the nuances for using them effectively. I like the advice about transitioning the position of an element, leaving the original space it occupied alone so it doesn’t result in what he calls “doom flicker.” Six hundred and fifty years ago I created CSS …


Ensuring the correct vertical position of large text

Tobi Reif notes how the position of custom fonts set at very large font sizes can be super different, even in the same browser across operating systems. The solution? Well, you know how there are certain CSS properties that only work within @font-face blocks? They are called “descriptors” and font-display is a popular example. There …


The latest news in SEO and WordPress: February 2021

Every month, we organize a free webinar to discuss what’s new in the world of SEO and WordPress. During these webinars, our SEO experts Joost de Valk and Jono Alderson guide you through the latest news and tell you what you need to know for your site. This time there was lots to discuss, from …


Koja cijena bi trebala poništiti bearish scenario za Bitcoin

Prema Joshu Olszewiczu, trgovcu kriptovalutama i tehničkom analitičaru, razina od 51.600 dolara trenutno djeluje kao snažna resistance razina te je ključna ako želimo ostvariti rast u kratkome roku.  Da bi Bitcoin ponovno testirao najvišu razinu na 58.000 dolara i pokrenuo potencijalni rast prema 62.000 dolara, mora se pomaknuti s cijene od 51.600 dolara, objasnio je.
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