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4 Best IDX Plugins for WordPress

If you’re in the real estate business, then you’re probably familiar with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) portals and Internet Data Exchange (IDX) software. Furthermore, if you have a real estate website built on WordPress, being able to pull listings using IDX software will make your work a lot easier. In this article, we’re going to …


Coinbase ulazi u Nizozemsku uz odobrenje središnje banke

Mjenjačnica kriptovaluta Coinbase sa sjedištem u Sjedinjenim Državama nastavlja svoju ekspanziju po Europi, a najnovije regulatorno odobrenje stiglo je iz zemlje tulipana. Coinbase je u četvrtak službeno najavio da je zaprimio registraciju od De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), središnje banke Nizozemske. Regulatorno odobrenje omogućuje Coinbaseu da ponudi svoje maloprodajne i institucionalne kripto proizvode u Nizozemskoj. Prema
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Bitsoft360: Inovativna platforma za automatsko trgovanje

Jeste li ikada razmišljali o tome koja visokokvalitetna platforma za automatsko trgovanje može omogućiti trgovcima fantastične mogućnosti trgovanja? Koje su bitne značajke jednog softvera za automatsko trgovanje s vrhunskom tehnologijom danas? Bez obzira na razinu vašeg iskustva u trgovanju kriptovalutama, trebali biste znati da su vrhunske platforme za automatsko trgovanje najbolji alat za trgovanje za
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A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Pages

As one of the building blocks of any website, pages are an integral part of WordPress. The platform enables you to quickly add static pages that can act as part of the site’s overall architecture. If you’re new to WordPress, however, you may be unsure how pages work. A WordPress page differs from a post …


Cross-Site Scripting: The Real WordPress Supervillain

Vulnerabilities are a fact of life for anyone managing a website, even when using a well-established content management system like WordPress. Not all vulnerabilities are equal, with some allowing access to sensitive data that would normally be hidden from public view, while others could allow a malicious actor to take full control of an affected …Read More


Guía Para Principiantes Sobre las Páginas de WordPress

En esta guía, discutiremos todo lo que debes saber sobre las páginas de WordPress, incluyendo cómo crearlas y editarlas. También te mostraremos cómo organizar tus páginas.  Como uno de los bloques de construcción de cualquier sitio web, las páginas son una parte integral de WordPress. La plataforma te permite añadir páginas estáticas rápidamente que pueden …


Social Media Engagement Questions You Should Be Asking & Have Answers For

Have any social media engagement questions ever come to your mind? For your dropshipping store, it is important to work on engagement permanently. In fact, any brand that plans to be successful on the internet should have strong social media engagement.  It’s not just about popularity: it’s more about meaningful interactions and long-term connections with …


Traffic dropping? How to determine the cause and fix it

It’s Monday morning and you open up your Google Analytics stats. Then there it is, something you don’t wish to see at the beginning of the week: a sudden drop in traffic. And not just a small decline in traffic, no this is a significant drop. Panic strikes, time for action! First, take a couple of …