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WordPress 5.5 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate for WordPress 5.5 is here! WordPress 5.5 is slated for release on August 11, 2020, but we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.5 yet, now is the time! You can test the WordPress 5.5 release candidate in two ways: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “bleeding edge nightlies” option) Or download the release …


PayPal najavio da će na svojoj platformi podržati transakcije kriptovaluta

U pismu upućenom Europskoj komisiji, PayPal je otkrio da radi na svojoj platformi za kriptovalute. Pismo je odgovor na javno savjetovanje vezano za izgradnju okvira EU za tržišta kripto imovine, pokrenuto još u prosincu 2019. godine. “Kripto industrija je u zadnjih nekoliko godina doživjela znatan rast. PayPal kontinuirano prati i procjenjuje globalna kretanja u prostoru
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Best Moving Dog Toys For Pups Who Love To Play and Fetch

Finding the best moving dog toys for your dog can take a bit of research! If you have arrived here in search of awesome, inventive, engaging dog toys that move and make noise, you’re in luck! Read on for a carefully curated list of some of the best moving dog toys for your pup to …


The Official Facebook Chat Plugin Created Vector for Social Engineering Attacks

On June 26, 2020, our Threat Intelligence team discovered a vulnerability in The Official Facebook Chat Plugin, a WordPress plugin installed on over 80,000 sites. This flaw made it possible for low-level authenticated attackers to connect their own Facebook Messenger account to any site running the vulnerable plugin and engage in chats with site visitors …Read More


What is local SEO?

A website gives you the opportunity to target the entire (online) world. Local SEO, on the contrary, is focused on ranking higher in your local area. Especially now, in the COVID-19 crisis, when people are trying to reach you more often online than offline, it’s worth investing in it. You’ll have to make sure your local …


How to Create Moving Image Shadows on Scroll in Divi

In the world of web design, we usually think of shadows as something we can add in Photoshop or as a CSS property (like box-shadow or text-shadow). But with Divi, we can think outside the box (or box-shadow). With just a few adjustments to Divi’s built-in filter and scroll effect options, we can transform any …


3 Ways to Debug Tech’s Diversity Gap in 2020

Silicon Valley is struggling with a bit of an image problem. That image? Straight, white, male. In 2018, women filled only 25% of all computing-related occupations — which is about the same percentage that we saw in the 1960s. For African-American and Hispanic populations, the representation in these fields is far below the national distribution. And …


WPML 4.4 Beta – Big Usability Improvements for String Translation

Today we released the beta version for WPML 4.4.0. This release includes major updates to String Translation to make finding, registering, and translating strings easier than ever. Our String Translation improvements for this beta focus on three main areas: The main String Translation interface The screen to register admin strings Integration between String Translation and …


Making Sense of react-spring

Animation is one of the trickier things to get right with React. In this post, I’ll try to provide the introduction to react-spring I wish I had when I first started out, then dive into some interesting use cases. While react-spring isn’t the only animation library for React, it’s one of the more popular (and …


Jetpack CRM

About a year ago, Automattic bought up Zero BS CRM. The thinking at the time was that it could be rebranded into the Jetpack suite and, well, that happened. CRM meaning “Customer Relationship Management” if you’re like me and this is a little outside your sphere of everyday software. CRMs are big business though. When …


How to Send Email Using SendGrid with WordPress

As you may know, WordPress is capable of sending basic transactional emails out of the box. However, a lot of web hosts don’t support that functionality or offer email capabilities at all. To get around this issue, you have to rely on third-party transactional email providers such as SendGrid. This platform powers email for some …


Critical Vulnerability Exposes over 700,000 Sites Using Divi, Extra, and Divi Builder

On July 23, 2020, our Threat Intelligence team discovered a vulnerability present in two themes by Elegant Themes, Divi and Extra, as well as Divi Builder, a WordPress plugin. Combined, these products are installed on an estimated 700,000 sites. This flaw gave authenticated attackers, with contributor-level or above capabilities, the ability to upload arbitrary files, …Read More