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Misteriozni Bitcoin rudar objavio najstariji zapis iz siječnja 2009.

Kao odgovor na pitanje ‘Tko je izrudario najstariji Bitcoin?’, anonimni član podijelio je zapis iz siječnja 2009., što je samo tjedan dana nakon što je nastao Bitcoin. Online forumi nepresušan su izvor priča i prepirki o nastanku Bitcoina. Satoshi Nakamoto i njegovi prvi suradnici žustro su vodili online rasprave o tome kako bi Bitcoin trebao
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BuddyPress 11.0.0-beta3

Hello BuddyPress contributors! If you haven’t tested our two first 11.0.0 beta releases, here’s a last opportunity to help us give the final touches to our next major release so that we make sure it will fit perfectly into your WordPress / BuddyPress specific configuration. Beta testing is very important and we need you all, whether …


How to Beta Test WordPress (& Why You Should)

WordPress beta versions give the makers of WordPress an opportunity to share an upcoming release with developers and beta testers before it is released to the masses. By doing this, WordPress can gain valuable insight from the people who use WordPress the most. They can be made aware of bugs, problems, or even suggestions that …


How To Get Free Followers On Instagram: Going From 0 To 15,000+

Are you a business owner or a regular Instagram user? Are you eager to know how to get Instagram followers for free? Actually, there’s nothing challenging about this. We’ve prepared for you a guide on how to collect from 0 to 15,000 Instagram followers at once! store_banner Why the number of Instagram followers is crucial …


Weebly Review: Is This a Viable Website Builder in 2023?

Choosing a website builder for your next project can be a tough decision, even once you whittle down the options to a handful. Weebly is often one of the top contenders, due to its straightforward usability, reasonable pricing, and ecommerce integrations. However, it’s just as important to compare what this platform offers in relation to the likes of WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. Our Weebly review will shed as much light as possible on what the builder does well, and where it can improve.


What is natural writing?

No, it’s not writing about nature. It means you write in a way that flows well and sounds natural. As if you were talking to someone. Now, we’re not saying to write slang words and half-finished sentences, because that wouldn’t read very well. So, what is natural writing? Read more to find out! Write like …


25 Tips for Running a Successful Online Sale with Divi

Running a successful online sale can be one of the best ways to boost revenue and get more customers for your business. Using Divi makes the process much easier by providing a powerful platform (and ecosystem) for building your online store from top to bottom, including hundreds of tools at your fingertips to optimize your …


What Does Glucosamine Do for Dogs?

What does glucosamine do for dogs? Joint issues are one of my biggest concerns as a dog owner. The older my pups get, the more prone they are to joint pain and arthritis. As well as other problems like hip and elbow dysplasia. If left alone, our pets can no longer run, and might even …