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Zuckerbergov Diem prodaje imovinu kako bi isplatio investitore

Kripto inicijativa “Diem” koju je pokrenula Meta (nekada Facebook) navodno pokušava prodati svoju imovinu, naizgled završavajući velike ambicije osnivača Marka Zuckerberga da taj stablecoin djeluje kao internetska valuta. Diem koji je prije bio poznat kao Libra je inicijativa Mete u svijetu kriptovaluta. Prema insajderskim izvorima koji su razgovarali s Bloombergom, projekt razmatra prodaju imovine kako
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WordPress 5.9 is here, now with full site editing!

It’s been around 6 months since the last update, but WordPress 5.9 was really worth the wait. There are loads of exciting new features to sink your teeth into. Full site editing is the real highlight, but there are loads more new features too. So it’s time to break your WordPress site out of the …


How to Cycle Through Classes on an HTML Element

Say you have three HTML classes, and a DOM element should only have one of them at a time: Now your job is to rotate them. That is, cycle through classes on an HTML element. When some event occurs, if the element has state-1 on it, remove state-1 and add state-2. If it has state-2 …


Fancy CSS Borders Using Masks

Have you ever tried to make CSS borders in a repeating zig-zag pattern? Like where a colored section of a website ends and another differently colored section begins — not with a straight line, but angled zig zags, rounded humps, or waves. There are a number of ways you could do this sort of CSS …


Whaleovi kupuju, a Bitcoin rezerve su sve manje

Bitcoin se agresivno otkupljuje po cijenama blizu 30.000 dolara, kupci počinju upijati likvidnost od kratkoročnih prodavača. Podaci iz kripto analitičke kompanije CryptoQuant pokazuju da su od kraja prosinca kripto burze počele ponovno gubiti svoje Bitcoin rezerve. Bitcoin izrazito atraktivan na sadašnjim cjenovnim razinama Nakon razdoblja u kojem su trgovci slali svoj Bitcoin na burze, vjerojatno
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How Do You Handle Component Spacing in a Design System?

Say you’ve got a <Card /> component. It’s highly likely it shouldn’t be butted right up against any other components with no spacing around it. That’s true for… pretty much every component. So, how do you handle component spacing in a design system? Do you apply spacing using margin directly on the <Card />? Perhaps …


15 Best Admin Dashboard Templates (Free Download Available)

Today, let’s put the spotlight on the best admin dashboard templates (free download). The admin space of a website or web tool often doesn’t get as much attention as what’s on the front-end of the operation. This is perfectly understandable. After all, you want your visitors to be impressed with your creation most of all. That said, the admin space should also get a bit of love, and this is where some of the best admin dashboard templates come into play.